Efficient management of the processes involved is essential to the success of new product launches.

  • SYSPRO provides tools to streamline and track the introduction of new product designs and amendments to existing designs, along with relevant costings. A built-in workflow engine - SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) - enables you to streamline and manage the integration and execution of the entire design-to-market process, including the relevant activities that fall outside the SYSPRO system.
  • Engineering Change Control (ECC) enables you to apply strict control over your product design activities by providing an integrated rules-based electronic workflow system with full version control, security and auditable history. ECC gives you the tools to record and track new and modified product design and process changes, assess the impact of these changes on costs and associated data, and control the change routing and approval processes.
  • SYSPRO’s inventory management solutions such as Families and Groupings and Forecasting enable the entry of manual forecasts, as well as the automatic generation of forecasts - combinations of forecasts and other sources of demand, such as sales orders, can be configured as the demand drivers for new products in Requirements Planning.
  • The Contact Management system facilitates the marketing of new products to your customer base, while the Trade Promotion features help to streamline the processing and management of the trade promotions that are routinely offered on new products.
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