SYSPRO's Estimates functionality enables the definition of the materials and manufacturing processes required for the manufacture of custom-made items. Furthermore, it provides cost and lead-time calculations to enable you to derive accurate price and delivery information.

SYSPRO's Advanced Scheduler provides you with the means to automatically schedule around sub-assembly and component material availability, thereby enabling optimal schedules within a material-constrained scheduling environment.

The Advanced Scheduler takes into account inventory levels, multi-level bills of material, existing jobs for sub-assemblies, and purchase orders for materials when calculating and pegging demand to supply. In this way it ensures parent-item jobs are not scheduled before pegged sub-assembly jobs. User-definable pegging rules and the capability to apply manual locks enable you to schedule materials for specific jobs instead of automatically, while the option to schedule despite shortages gives you the choice to continue when you know materials can be sourced from another supplier in time.

The graphical planning board provides a visual representation of pegging between materials and sub-assemblies, enabling you to check which items are unavailable and why (such as a purchase order being late), as well as where they are used in the production process.

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