The interactive graphical planning board features of SYSPRO's Factory Scheduling are geared towards providing schedulers with complete visual control over scheduling activities. This is achieved via Gantt charts and other visual representations of production resources, load and schedules which, in addition to the more sophisticated automated scheduling and sequencing features, provide the capability for rapid manual manipulation of operations via drag-and-drop editing.

As well as providing at-a-glance views of information such as job lists, unscheduled operations, schedule dates, and the automatic display of any job or operation that is late, the graphical display provides rapid identification of additional operation and resource statuses through its powerful locator and highlight facilities. Both deliver the capability to find and work with targeted information in isolation; for example, finding and re-scheduling all operations for a high priority order or customer, or re-scheduling all operations with sequence errors.

The Boolean search provides the means to find jobs and operations based on criteria, such as customer, planner and work center, while the highlighting functionality is utilized to locate operations in specific states such as locked, started, early, late, and delayed, as well as bottleneck operations and those with sequence errors. Furthermore, the highlighting feature can be used to reveal a trace on the Gantt chart between operations for the same job. Detailed tooltips in the Gantt chart provide further operation scheduling information, such as start and end dates, while drill-down access provides further operation detail such as machine and customer. One-click access is provided to resource performance metrics including percentage setup, working and idle time, and a hot-spot grid gives the scheduler a quick overview of machine activity and utilization for different days across a specified time span.

Useful for companies where different schedulers are responsible for scheduling different areas of production, SYSPRO enables the definition of multiple user-defined screen layouts, as well as the grouping of the Gantt chart display by work center or resource; configurable icons provide one-click access to user-defined layouts. Extensive user-configurable display features include color coding or patterning by stock code, product class and operation elements; as well as resource states, and job and operation statuses. User-configured icons aid visual differentiation of products on the schedule.

The graphical planning board facilitates the saving of multiple workspaces (schedules) for what-if comparisons, as well as the publishing of charts and schedules for viewing by other company members regardless of whether they have SYSPRO installed.

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