SYSPRO gives you the tools to help you forecast future demand, based on seasonal, cyclical and trend demand patterns in your sales history and lost-sales data. This enables you to plan your production and purchasing to meet these requirements.

  • SYSPRO's Forecasting solution gives you the tools to plan your production and purchasing to meet future demand.
  • A powerful Pareto analysis feature enables you to easily identify fast, slow and obsolete items in terms of sales value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantities sold or hits, so you can make decisions about which items to forecast, and the best method to use for each.
  • You can choose to create forecasts at stock code/warehouse level, and with SYSPRO Families and Grouping you can aggregate your forecasts into user-defined groupings. A variety of forecast calculation methods are also available in Families and groupings including the competition method, as well as the facility to track the forecast quality.
  • Additionally, you can select to manually forecast items which require market intelligence, while selecting to batch forecast all other items, and filters and adjustments can be applied to sales history to account for outliers and other abnormalities.
  • Multi-level analysis of product performance is available, including at stock code, warehouse, product class, supplier, planner and buyer levels, as well as at user-defined group level if the Families and Groupings module is installed.
  • The approved forecast becomes the demand input to SYSPRO's Material Requirements Planning system. This gives your planners and buyers visibility to the resources and actions required to meet the demand in the short, medium and long term.
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