Typically, the basis of a job's expected costs is derived from the materials and operations defined against the bill of material (or estimate, in the case of quotations); however, changes are often made to these allocations after the job is created, but before work actually commences. In some cases, these changes affect the expected costs of the job.

For example: when your vehicle is serviced, a standard bill of materials and routing is probably used to create the job. Any additional work you request could result in additional material and time, which is added to the job and you would probably want to recalculate the expected costs.

SYSPRO's Job Cost Recalculation program facilitates this, thereby enabling a more realistic comparison. You can choose to report on the changes only or update the job with the new expected costs.

If the job is part of a bill of jobs, SYSPRO rolls up the new expected cost for the sub jobs to the master.

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