Where products cannot be reduced back to their original state once in process, the cost of inaccuracy in design and production is high. SYSPRO enables you to implement continuous improvement by helping you to identify problems and points of waste as they happen. Our solution facilitates the tracking of materials from purchase through production to customer, thereby maximizing quality control and providing you with the tools to manage product recalls, should they occur.

  • Our workflow management solution applied during the product design process assists by ensuring the new and redesigned products pass through the relevant testing and approval processes before release.
  • SYSPRO provides flexible definitions for raw material requirements as well as for the configuration and tracking of quality inspection points and metrics, to help ensure product quality and high production yields.
  • SYSPRO enables you to flag purchased items as requiring inspection so that during receipting, detailed records of counts, inspection, scrap, rejects and returns is recorded.
  • SYSPRO also provides various operation run time methods, as well as material and progressive scrap functionality. The capture of various lead time elements enables accurate calculations of manufacturing and cumulative lead times, which in turn aid efficient materials planning and production scheduling, as well as product costing.
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