SYSPRO has numerous discounts within the system; these include terms discounts (offered to those customers who pay their invoices within a specified time period) and sales discounts. Invoice discount codes can be defined with up to three chained discount percentages and the price that must be used to calculate the discount.

Against a customer you can specify which of these discount codes to use against each sales order entry line and which to use for the total invoice amount. The discounts defined here can be used when a stock item's pricing method is set to discounted if the simple or extended pricing method is used. If the inventory item has a pricing method of Discounted, then the system applies the line discount as part of the price and not as an additional discount.

Alternatively you can enter a manual line discount on a sales order line by selecting Discount when you add a line in the Order Entry program. The system will prompt you to enter up to three chained discount percentages, a total discount value, or a unit discount value. When the order is complete, the order discount will be applied.

Another discount method that can be used is the order discount break which can be applied on either the sales order line or the whole invoice, as an alternative way of extending discounts to a customer.

The percentage discount breaks enable you to vary your price according to the quantity or value of items in the sales order. A maximum of 30 discount breaks can be defined for each type of discount selected.

Settlement discounts can be assigned to a customer which must be applied when that customer makes a payment within a specified time period.

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