To determine production and capacity requirements, you must have visibility to future demand and to the resources you have available to deal with that demand. SYSPRO provides extensive demand management capability with its forecasting, and families and groupings functionality. These features enable you to refine your predictions of future sales based on past history, trends, seasonality, Pareto analysis and other non-quantitative factors, as well as to closely track forecast errors. Forecasts in SYSPRO are derived via algorithms which analyze"”at SKU, family or group level"”the history of sales values, gross profits, cost of sales, quantities sold and sales hits.

SYSPRO's Master Production Schedule provides a complete demand profile for master scheduled items out to the planning horizon, via a combination of approved forecasts, customer orders, and other demand created by order point replenishment policies. This demand profile is then exploded through all levels of the bill of materials via the requirements calculation using infinite capacity to determine detailed time-phased production, material and capacity requirements. Planners can then use the resulting jobs as input to whichever scheduling tool within SYSPRO is most suited for modeling their capacity and scheduling requirements.

SYSPRO Factory Scheduler enables you to build a complete profile of your factory capacity by facilitating the definition and modeling of capacity loads around multiple constraints such as machine availability, efficiencies, relative efficiencies and utilization; labor shifts and calendars; tooling; and in the advanced scheduler, around material availability for bills of jobs. Sequence dependent changeovers, transfer quantities and operation make span and slack times are all catered for.

SYSPRO Factory Scheduler caters for the definition of finite resources, such as lathes, which have the capacity to handle only one job at a time, or infinite resources, such as ovens or drying rooms, which have the capacity to handle multiple jobs in parallel, and includes the capability to designate resource states and preferred resources. Furthermore, it enables you to define capacity based not only on machine availability, but also on the characteristics or match properties, such as firing temperatures, of the product being scheduled.

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