The routings functionality enables you to define the operations required to manufacture your products, as well as to cost the labor, and fixed and variable overheads incurred in these operations. Tooling, progressive scrap and transfer quantities are all catered for, as is the facility to record detailed manufacturing instructions.

You can define the expected times for the different elements of internal operation time, such as setup, start-up, run, teardown, wait and movement times, and can track these against actual times in jobs. Subcontract operations are also catered for, with the facility to define supplier, costs and lead times. Multiple routes allow for the definition of alternative operation resources, such outsourced production, contract labor hire, and substitute machines or work centers, as well as for the separate definition of routings for items under engineering change control.

Multiple recovery rates allow for costing of the different routes, as well as what-if costing simulations. The routing provides the mechanism for calculating accurate lead times, as well as for calculating labor requirements and expected labor costs for jobs.

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