Within SYSPRO you can add new assets directly to the assets register or process them through the Assets Capex system. For the latter, the asset acquisition is simplified through a user-friendly suspense review facility. It enables you to retrieve and check the details of an asset receipted from a purchase order or job before automating its transfer to the live asset register, thereby reducing double entry, as well as the margin for capture errors.

The asset disposal function facilitates the efficient processing of asset disposal transactions, including amounts received, costs incurred and the profit or loss on disposal. You can also assign a reason code for disposal analysis reporting.

Whether revaluing assets to meet International Accounting Standards (IAS) or Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) requirements, or because the current intrinsic or market value differs substantially from the net book value of the asset, SYSPRO provides a fast and easy means of raising the necessary revaluation reserve and accumulated depreciation adjustment entries.

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