SYSPRO's solutions provide the tools such as Work in Progress to record the inspection details of manufactured products and, depending on the results, select to receipt, scrap or rework quantities.

  • Using SYSPRO's co-products and manufacturing inspection functionality, you can easily cost and capture the receipt of multiple products of varying grades from jobs originally planned for single-grade items. You can choose to apportion costs between materials and co-products according to a percentage breakdown for total material, operation and sub-contract cost, or you can define percentages against specific operations and materials.
  • Within the inspection function, you can capture detailed records of counts, inspection, scrap, rework and stock receipts. You can receipt inspection products as the original product to manufacture or as a different product, or products, which is useful for end-products of variable grade. Also, you can receipt items into a different warehouse from the one that was originally planned.
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