Normandy – Partner Success

“With SYSPRO 8, all the digital capability is available, giving us opportunities to help our customers achieve their current and future strategic objectives. The more functionality we demonstrate to them, the more they want to do with SYSPRO.”

Mandy van der Walt, – Founder, Normandy Computer Services

Normandy Computer Services
Normandy Computer Services is a registered SYSPRO Elite Solutions partner. Its services range from sales to design, implementation and training as well as onsite and remote support of the full SYSPRO product range.

The Challenge
Normandy Computer Services was established in 1992 by Founder Mandy van der Walt to sell, implement and support Impact Award, SYSPRO’s first ERP solution. Initially, Normandy Computer Services encountered the usual challenges of a start-up operation: capital outlay, managing cash flow and growing a client base.

The Solution
From the outset, SYSPRO gave Normandy Computer Services extra opportunities to build its business by providing continuous, consistent support and mentorship. This made it easier for the company to promote the solution to prospective clients as well as to solve any problems its customers experienced.

The Outcome
Normandy Computer Services focuses exclusively on SYSPRO and is currently an Elite partner on the PartnerUP program.

Mandy’s involvement in the manufacturing and distribution industries began more than four decades ago. After working on Stars, the base product on which Impact Award was based, she decided to go into business and set up Normandy Computer Services.“My belief in SYSPRO, its people and its products has never wavered,” she says. “From the beginning, we were encouraged to learn and develop the business. We could walk into the SYSPRO office at any time and there was always someone available to help us. The family-orientated approach gave us a true sense of belonging.“Training and information have also always been readily available from SYSPRO along with the necessary sales and technical support.”


Normandy – Partner Success


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