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For some people there is nothing more satisfying than the prospect of going it alone, making a point, doing things differently, pushing boundaries and achieving independent success. The heart often drives this, because we are after-all single entities, with limited time to make an impact or difference in the world. Some would say it’s simply our nature.

Some would also say that this drive is simply a physiological state brought about by a perception that if you can achieve independent success you empower and also protect yourself against competition or replacement.

Following the recent referendum in which Scotland voted on whether to remain part of the United Kingdom or go it alone as an independent country, it was reaffirmed to me that despite this inbuilt desire, when we are actually faced with the prospect of having to go it alone, most people opt for working together for a better future. It seems as if sense kicks in at a point, pushing the people, businesses and countries together.

We see this is in all kinds of places – people working as islands, not wanting to share information or learn anything new or have meetings to discuss solutions, or objectively look at how things are done.  But then when introduced to the concept of sharing, they become enlightened as they start to share, communicate and analyse, with the resultant improvements in productivity, cooperation and personal wellbeing.

There are businesses that think that their processes are unique to them, that assume their way is the way all businesses should be run and have always been run, and therefore have no immediate need to review, benchmark, network or have anyone external to their business review their processes on an ongoing basis. Surprisingly for them, when they eventually embark on a project to review, implement or replace their ERP system, they end up having to take a long hard look at how they do things and also to work  with their ERP system provider. When they do this they achieve a collaborative success; a SYSPRO customer, PZ Cussons, is a great example.

Countries all over the world that have historically been divided on many issues now work together in unions and alliances, to share economies of scale and improve the quality of life for their inhabitants.

The art of the possible is easier to identify and achieve when working together and I believe that the SYSPRO community is as successful as it is, because as a collective we know the importance of working together.


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