New SYSPRO 7 enhancements

As we hurtle towards the end of March I find myself reflecting back on the first quarter of the year – wondering where it’s gone and what the rest of the year has in store.  I’m sure this year has gone quicker than usual and I am sure there are many of you out there feeling the same.

For us, the start of the year was filled with lots of positivity and successes.  We’ve had some really exciting SYSPRO implementations and upgrades, all of them have allowed us to put to good use our SYSPRO 7 and mobile solution deployment skills.

Along the journey we have met some really great and knowledgeable customers.  All of them have really inspired us with their passion for SYSPRO 7, ERP in general, and their positive feedback on their experiences.

It got me thinking – where can SYSPRO go from here?  How can they possibly build on what they have already provided with faster performance, a cleaner user interface, expanded functionality, greater reliability, smarter reporting, more business objects, more customization options, and not to mention SYSPRO Espresso – their ground breaking device- independent mobile solution!

That did have me concerned until I heard about the impending SYSPRO 7 Update 1.

In the upcoming update to SYSPRO 7 Update 1, the following features have been announced:

  • A complete reskin of the SYSPRO Espresso interface
  • An ability to Auto Logon to SYSPRO Espresso on your device
  • New bundled SYSPRO Espresso Applications
  • A re-try connection ability in SYSPRO, making it even more viable to run SYSPRO over the internet
  • Auto clean-up facilities (I wish my house had one of these) – to keep your server running optimally when running SYSPRO
  • SQL Optimisation in key areas such as Inventory Balance and Period Ends to reduce your processing times
  • New eSignatures methods, so you can conditionally record any changes to any SYSPRO table and also fire events as a result – genius!

Some of these inclusions are a result of enhancement requests, but most of them are simply due to SYSPRO’s ethos –they will never sit still and will constantly evolve SYSPRO to satisfy the demands of the modern ERP system user – making it lighter, faster, efficient and feature rich with useful tools!

We are really looking forward to the update and to seeing what the rest of the year has in store for SYSPRO 7, we hope all of the Global SYSPRO users and offices are too!

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