Planning-Purchasing-Implementing ERP


Five Steps to a Successful ERP Change Management Plan

In my last blog I introduced you to the “resistance-gnomes” – those very human voices that cry out in plaintive …

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Why Upgrade?

A few days ago, while travelling home, I decided to pop into a well-known UK supermarket to pick up some …

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Reflections on Change Management and ERP – Part 1

I have friends who were forced to move out of a house that they’d occupied for 15 years as a …

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What is the Best Starting Point of an ERP Selection?

For whatever reason, your organization has decided it needs a new ERP system.  Your job is to find the best.  …

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Three crucial considerations when evaluating ERP

Often during demonstrations I am asked about the language SYSPRO ERP is written in. For some reason, expressing the fact …

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Three Tips for ERP Implementation Success

At the beginning of every year, I try to set both personal and professional goals for myself.  One of my …

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Four ways to achieve ROI with ERP

Return on investment (ROI) is often cited in relationship to ERP but not so often achieved.  It doesn’t matter whether …

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A Common ERP Misconception: Installation vs. Implementation

When purchasing a new ERP system, it is not only important to consider the software’s functionality and if it is …

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4 Steps to using Business Strategy to drive your Software Selection Process

When embarking on the journey of selecting and buying any software for your organization, whether it is ERP, CRM, HR, …

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