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Tiffany Gierke

Tiffany Gierke
Tiffany Gierke

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Tiffany Gierke is the Head of Education at SYSPRO, and has been at the company since 2005. Together with her team, she produces education material in the form of training guides, feature demonstrations and interactive e-Learning modules. Being responsible for getting the latest product information out to the territory offices means that she is constantly learning about the latest and greatest SYSPRO has to offer. Tiffany feels that SYSPRO’s customization and personalization capabilities make the product exciting and ahead of the ERP game. Tiffany is an avid globetrotter and when she’s not running around the office take notes, she’s running around other countries taking photos.

Blogs by Tiffany

The App Games The App Games The App Games

The App Games

Author: | Post Date: 05 Feb 2015

I admit I am a Hunger Games fan. I read all three books in a week and vowed to take archery lessons. And I am not the only one, judging by the number of books sold. In 2012, Suzanne Collins’s trilogy sold 27.7 million copies (print and eBooks combined). So what makes the story so compelling? Well, unlike the ho-hum of Survivor-like programs, in The [...]

From Waste to Clean Water From Waste to Clean Water From Waste to Clean Water

From Waste to Clean Water

Author: | Post Date: 27 Jan 2015

Say the word ‘sustainability’ and you may get a few yawns and a couple of questioning “huhs?” In my experience, it does not get the conversation going or even the creative juices flowing. But saying the word “pooh” will most certainly get a reaction and everybody has a bodily function story. (more…)

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