Steve Bassaw

Steve Bassaw

Steve Bassaw is the Product Manager at SYSPRO Canada. Steve has been with SYSPRO for 20 years in diverse roles such as Support, Consulting, Product Management, and Solution Architect. Before joining SYSPRO, Steve was a SYSPRO software super-user at a manufacturing company where he gained hands on experience using ERP to improve Operations and Supply Chain. Steve is also Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Business/IT program at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology).

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Considerations and Barriers to Adoption of Smart Manufacturing

Reading Time: 6 minutes Smart manufacturing is enabled by digital transformation. Fully implemented, it optimizes the manufacturing process through technology, like IIoT, artificial intelligence …

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What Does it Take to Pivot? Here are 8 Ways to Make Your Business More Agile

Reading Time: 6 minutes Car manufacturers rolling ventilators off the line. Breweries pumping out hand sanitizer. Laundry and uniform businesses outfitting healthcare workers with …

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5 Ways to Crisis-Proof Your Supply Chain

Reading Time: 5 minutes Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no secret that hundreds of thousands of manufacturers across the globe are under great amounts …

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The Added Value of a Manufacturing Execution System

Reading Time: 5 minutes In today’s increasingly connected and digital world, the need for data on-demand is greater than ever before. Manufacturing operations need …

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What Supply Chain Visibility Means for Your Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the past few years, supply chains have become increasingly more connected and complex. At the same time consumer demand …

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The Digital Transformation Journey: Part 3 – How to Avoid Implementation Failure

Reading Time: 4 minutes As your manufacturing firm seeks to diversify, improve operational efficiencies and increase market penetration (among other goals), embarking on an …

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7 Steps to Build Your Strategy and Roadmap for Digital Transformation – Part 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes Digital technologies are transforming how businesses operate. Manufacturers today understand the importance of these changes but many find it hard …

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The Digital Transformation Journey: Part One – Getting Started

Reading Time: 6 minutes Smart technology is everywhere these days. You are probably surrounded by advanced consumer technology right now. For example, you may be reading …

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Has Your Manufacturing Operation Outgrown Its Accounting Software?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Orders are up, business is booming, and your manufacturing operation is expanding. The growth of your company is exciting, but …

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