Aisha Ilyas

Aisha Ilyas

As a Junior Technical Author at SYSPRO, Aisha gathers, analyzes and creates information for software users and support personnel. She assists the organization with editing and authoring various technical manuals and maintains information architecture and sets guidelines for technical content. Aisha joined SYSPRO in 2019, as a learner in the IT Systems Support Learnership and in 2020 she permanently joined the authoring team. With an ever-inquisitive mind she devotes herself to continuous learning with skills ranging financial to coding. Aisha is passionate about self-development, helping others and expressing herself through writing.

Posts by Aisha Ilyas

The data influx: Leveraging the power of ERP - SYSPRO ERP systems
Digital Business and ERPERP and Analytics

The data influx: Leveraging the power of ERP

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ping. Tyricia has just sent you a smiley face on WhatsApp. Did you know that each emoji is in fact …

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